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Exclusive features in the Galaxy NotePRO

Exclusive features in the Galaxy NotePRO
Samsung introduces a new device named Galaxy NotePRO be some time ago. This device not only comes with a charming design, but also equipped with the specifications and features that are exclusive.

"There are at least four exclusive features that support these devices. Namely Hancom Office, Remote PC, Cisco WebEx Meeting and e-Meeting,'' bright Erafone Team Leader, as reported by Arie Kurnianto Malang Post (Group

This explains the man from Surabaya Hancom Office is a feature exclusive to NotePRO. This feature can only be downloaded through the Samsung Apps store. "In the tablet is embedded features Hancom Office, but his version is the viewer. To get the version of the editing, the user must download in Samsung Apps,'' said Arie, who said the application can be downloaded for free.

Arie said Hancom Office embedded feature allows the user to. open and manage office documents such as renaming and folders, send an e-mail. Or the user can read, cut, copy and manage files in Hancom viewer.

Keep in mind, before creating the android version, the developer Hancom Office first issued the application for the Apple device with the operating system version iOS 5. Then over the development, the developer made a version of Android, then by Samsung on the Samsung Galaxy NotePro planted.

Besides Hancom Office, the device also supports Remote PC. PC Remote is also the default application NotePRO, whose function, allowing users to retrieve data from a PC, either at home or in the office. With the Remote PC's, users are increasingly free to complete the job, despite being mobile.

However, according to Arie, the data captured is limited, which is only 300 MB. To retrieve the data, Arie also said, the PC's in the home or in the office should be in the ON state.

While two other exclusive features which support this device is a Cisco WebEx Meeting and e-Meeting, each of which can be used to perform a virtual conference with anyone, anywhere, and share documents without accessing the server.

Related to the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO specification itself, carries a wide screen. That is 12.2 inches with a resolution WQXGA 2560x1600 pixels. This large screen is capable of displaying full HD 4 displays at once (quadview). With a screen this size, use the virtual keyboard to be more comfortable. Users will feel like using a real keyboard because of their large size.

This device comes with an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front camera. "To facilitate the user, Samsung's new tablet also complement the premium with the S-Pen that allows users to activate AirComand containing five practical features Samsung style, the Action Memo, Scrap Booker, Screen Writer, S Pen Finder and Windows," he detailed. As for the price, this device is quite expensive, Samsung membandrolnya a price of USD 10 million.

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