Monday, May 5, 2014

Samsung and Apple Mutual Violate Patents

Samsung and Apple Mutual Violate Patents
Apple and Samsung have been found guilty by the court. Both companies are considered equally mutually infringes any patent, so there is no right and no wrong.

Apple initially sued Samsung over four patents owned. However, the court considered the Samsung only violated two patents owned by Apple.

Patent-related feature is sinkornisasi data and slide-to-unlock. As a result of patent infringement, Samsung is asked to pay $ 119.6 million to Apple. Smaller USD 2 million, of which Apple requested.

Meanwhile, the court has found also a violation of Samsung's patent by Apple. This patent is related to features of digital image recording and reproducing existing Apple devices.

As a result of the patent infringement, Apple was ordered by a court to pay compensation amount of USD 158 400. Much smaller than the demands put forward by Samsung that is $ 6, 2 million.

In the trial it was also discovered that Google will help Samsung to settle the obligation. Because the use of Samsung's patents are part of Android, Google's operating system.

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